B i o g r a p h y :

Josh Mossotti is a digital artist working in Los Angeles, California. He has been providing digital artwork, CG animation, and visual effects for feature films and television since 2004. In that time, he has been credited for his work in over 40 titles including: Underworld Awakening, The Muppets, G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, Terminator Salvation, Fast & Furious, Tropic Thunder, Eagle Eye and Wanted. In 2007, he was a on the development team for the animated television series Fanboy and Chum Chum. In 2008, Mossotti was nominated for a VES award for his work on the large format, stereoscopic IMAX film Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk. In 2010, he adapted the poem "Decampment," written by Travis Mossotti, into a short animated film. Additionally, his artwork has been published in the International Contemporary Artists book in 2011 and he has had selected works exhibited in the LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art), 'The Electron Salon.' And in 2012, he was a SIGGRAPH panel speaker and presenter on the topic of CG Lighting in feature film.

C u r r i c u l u m   V i t a e :

2015 IBM (Internal) (CG Assets/Digital Artwork)

2015 Survivor's Remorse (TV) (CG Artist)

2015 By Way of Helena (Film) (CG Artist)

2015 Mom (TV) (CG Artist)

2015 The Big Bang Theory (TV) (CG Artist)

2014 Black Sails (TV) (CG Artist)

2014 Beats By Dre (Marketing) (CG Artist)

2014 Noah (Film) (CG Artist)

2014 Field Study (Published Artwork)

2013 God's Behaving Badly (Film) (CG Artist)

2013 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Film) (CG Artist)

2013 Megalodon (Discovery Special) (CG Artist)

2013 Turn (Television) (CG Artist)

2013 Man of Steel (Film) (CG Artist)

2013 Nashville (Television) (CG Artist)

2013 Bones (Television) (CG Artist)

2013 Warm Bodies (Film) (CG Artist)

2013 My Life as an Island by Travis Mossotti (Published Artwork)

2012 Alex Cross (Film) (CG Artist)

2012 St Louis Soccer Zone (Architectural) (CG Artist)

2012 Bones (Television) (CG Artist)

2012 SIGGRAPH LA - CG Lighting Panel (Presentation)

2012 Underworld Awakening (Film) (CG Artist)

2011 The Muppets (Film) (CG Artist)

2011 Internation Contemporary Artists Book (Published Artwork)

2011 Los Angeles Center for Digital Art - The Electron Salon - (Group Exhibition)

2011 Finder (Television) (CG Artist)

2011 Bones (Television) (CG Artist)

2011 About The Dead by Travis Mossotti (Published Artwork)

2011 Tornado Alley (Documentary Short) (CG Supervisor)

2011 Fanboy (Short Film) (Visual Effects Artist)

2010 Decampment (Short Film) (Digital Effects)

2010 MacGillivray Freeman's Arabia (Documentary Short) (Lead CG Artist)

2009 The Fourth Kind (Film) (3D Lead Artist)

2009 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Film) (Visual Effects Artist)

2009 Orphan (Film) (Digital Artist)

2009 My Sister's Keeper (Film) (Visual Effects Artist)

2009 Terminator Salvation (Film) (Visual Effects Artist)

2009 Fast & Furious (Film) (3d Artist)

2008 Doubt (Film) (Compositor)

2008 Eagle Eye (Film) (Digital Effects Artist)

2008 Appaloosa (Film) (Digital Effects Artist - uncredited)

2008 Tropic Thunder (Film) (Compositor)

2008 Wanted (Film) (Visual Effects)

2008/I Shutter (Film) (Visual Effects Artist)

2008 Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk (Documentary) (Digital Effects Team: Giant Screen)

2008 Between the Sand and the Sky (Film) (Visual Effects)

2007 Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (Film) (3D Artist)

2007 Lions for Lambs (Film) (3D Artist)

2007 In the Valley of Elah (Film) (3D Artist)

2007 Whisper (Film) (3D Artist)

2007 Next (Film) (CG Artist)

2007 Disturbia (Film) (3D Artist)

2007 The Alps (Documentary) (Visual Effects Artist)

2007 Blades of Glory (Film) (Digital Compositor)

2007 The Hills Have Eyes II (Film) (Visual Effects)

2007 Because I Said So (Film) (Visual Effects)

2007 Random! Cartoons (TV Series) (CG character and effects modeler - 1 episode) Fanboy (2007) (CG character and effects modeler)

2006 Seraphim Falls (Film) (Visual Effects)

2006 Hurricane on the Bayou (Documentary) (Lead Effects Artist)

2006 RV (Film) (Visual Effects Artist)

2006 Date Movie (Film) (Visual Effects Artist)

2005 Yours, Mine and Ours (Film) (Visual Effects Artist)

2005 The Fog (Film) (Pre-Visualization Artist)

2005 Flightplan (Film) (Visual Effects Artist)